Dear Tesco CEO Ken Murphy,
You have a major climate problem: JBS.

Despite your talk about climate action and commitments to remove deforestation from your products, you still do business with the world’s most notorious forest-destroyer: JBS. The company has been repeatedly linked to criminal behaviour, environmental destruction and corruption.

As the CEO of the UK’s biggest retailer, and with the limelight of the COP26 climate summit, it’s your responsibility to make sure that Tesco’s climate promises aren’t just greenwash.

JBS is a risk to your climate reputation and a risk to your business. You already know that. Your customers know that. Your investors know that.

Do the right thing. Show climate leadership.

Top 6 reasons to drop JBS now,
according to you

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"It's vital we take action now"

What you said: “In this critical year for tackling climate change, it’s right that we set out this ambitious commitment to cut emissions across our entire value chain. We don’t yet have all the answers and we’ll need support from our suppliers and wider society to meet our targets, but it’s vital we take action now.”

Source: Tesco PLC, 2021

JBS recently announced it will wait until at least 2035 before ending deforestation in its supply chain. That won’t help Tesco cut its emissions. Anything less than immediately dropping JBS and its subsidiaries suggests Tesco is happy to accept deforestation in its supply chain for another 14 years.

The Amazon is showing signs of reaching a climate tipping point. Tesco can’t prop up JBS in this climate critical year.

"Let's build a better food system"

What you said: “Now is the time to act to build a food system that is better for our customers and our climate. This is not a choice, it’s a necessity.”

Source: Retail Week, 2021

Sourcing from a company that is linked to human rights abuses and environmental destruction won’t help build a better food system.

Removing forest-destroying companies from your supply chain and publishing a meat reduction strategy will.

Dropping JBS and its subsidiaries immediately is a necessity for your business, your brand, and the climate.

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"We are really focussed on deforestation"

What you said: “We are really focused on deforestation and have some aggressive targets there.”

Source: UK Business Leaders Summit, London Climate Action Week, 2021

Your focus has slipped. Tesco has already failed on a promise to end deforestation in its supply chain by 2020.

One of your own shareholders has even questioned why cutting ties with high-risk companies like JBS isn’t part of your climate plan.

No truly “aggressive” target on deforestation can stand alongside links to a company that has climate emissions and environmental destruction at the heart of its business model. It’s time to cut ties with all parts of the JBS group.

Start showing climate leadership before it’s too late.

"Environmental goals are core to Tesco"

What you said: “What’s been really impressive about Tesco is that everyone is committed to our environmental goals. Everyone sees it as a core part of their job.”

Source: UK Business Leaders Summit, London Climate Action Week, 2021

That’s great to hear, Ken. But the buck stops with you.

Commercial decisions, like who you source from, can no longer ignore climate change. Do your staff, customers, and investors proud and live up to your environmental goals. They look to you, as Tesco CEO, for leadership on climate action.

Do the right thing and drop JBS.

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"We won't stop at certification"

What you said: “We aren’t content to stop at our target of net-zero deforestation through certification.”

Source: Tesco Plc AGM, 2021

Exactly. Climate leaders don’t do things by halves.

It’s right you acknowledge that certification isn’t going to save the world’s forests. But nor is cutting ties with just JBS Brazil enough.

The industrial meat system has deforestation in its DNA.

By buying meat from JBS subsidiaries Tesco is exposed to deforestation, and is helping fund the destruction of nature and climate.

You’ve shown some leadership by calling for tougher UK deforestation laws. But you need to get your own house in order too. It’s time to Drop JBS.

"Trust is hugely important"

What you said: “Clearly for us trust is hugely important, and we’ve seen a very strong move forward in reputation over the last year.”

Source: Marketing Week, 2021

Announcing a climate plan with no mention of tackling emissions from meat production, fudging the deadline for achieving zero deforestation, boosting plant-based sales with no meat reduction strategy – you risk blowing your customers’ trust with this greenwash.

Nine out of 10 of your customers want you to stop doing business with companies driving the destruction of forests in Brazil.

Don’t lose their trust, Ken. Drop JBS now.

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