Dear Tesco CEO Ken Murphy,
You still have a major climate problem: JBS.

Tesco pledged to implement game-changing solutions to halve its climate footprint during the COP26 climate summit at the end of 2021.

Six months later and ahead of your company’s AGM, you have little to show when it comes to climate leadership.

Despite code red warnings from UN climate scientists, you still have no plan in place to reduce the lion’s share of your company’s emissions and to remove climate criminal suppliers like JBS from your commercial portfolio.

5 more reasons why you should drop JBS

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JBS’s emissions are massive

Meat giant JBS’s methane emissions are bigger than any other companies’ – and exceed the combined livestock emissions of France, Germany, Canada and New Zealand. 

How can you continue to source from this company and claim to be a climate leader?

Drop JBS now.

Selling meat is one of Tesco’s “emissions hotspots”

You state in your 2022 annual report that animal protein is one of your emissions hotspots and you engage your suppliers to reduce their emissions. 

How can you seriously engage JBS whose own net-zero plan ignores 97% of its emissions? Continuing to sell from JBS won’t help reduce your emissions hotspots.

Drop JBS now. 

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Record Amazon deforestation rates

Almost a fifth of the Amazon is already gone, largely due to cattle ranching and soy fields.

Meat giant JBS is responsible for an estimated 1.5 million hectares of deforestation in its indirect supply chains in Brazil since 2008 – an astonishing figure that marks JBS as one of the worst livestock-related deforestation offenders.

Drop JBS now. 

Get ahead of the game, according to your own research

Tesco’s own modelling shows that efforts to minimise the impact of the meat and dairy industry could result in £150-200 million in annual losses by 2030. 

It’s time to get ahead of the game by implementing reduction targets for meat and dairy sales and cutting all ties with JBS.

Drop JBS now.

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Your customers still care

Times are hard for consumers across the country, but 90% of your customers want to lead more sustainable lives and want Tesco’s help to do so, according to your own research. 

You’re still selling deforestation and unsustainable products by continuing to source from JBS.

Drop JBS now.

Drop JBS now

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